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  • Simple, Effective and Customizable: Slip this dainty cuff over the thinnest part of your ear, slide to where you want it, squeeze gently to clasp it firmly to your ear's edge
  • Beauty with Comfort -- no piercing required! These cartilage earrings are designed to be worn on the top to middle part of your ear
  • Edgy Elegance: a little gold ear cuff adds a dash of alt intrigue to your look. Up your adventurous fashion game with some ear cuff earrings
  • Fun, Easy Contemporary Fashion -- add simple, real gold to brighten your day, just by sliding it on and off! Nobody needs to know they're fake ear piercings
  • When you can't or just don't want to poke holes in your ears, you've got an alternative: an earring cuff!
  • It's Simple! Turn To Zee&Zed for minimalist elegant jewelry for all occasions. These sparkly ear studs will complement any outfit, from formal to casual
  • X cuff is 0.322 inch long (8.17 mm).

infinity 10k Gold Ear Cuffs

SKU: AH4000